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  1. Chris Sanyk
    January 18, 2018 @ 7:41 pm

    I’m confused about a lot of things.

    First, contrary to the “fake news” polls, Trump says he’s super popular and successful. Obviously he’s not, but if that’s really what he thinks, then he wouldn’t have said that.

    Second, why be worried about elections when they’re fixed? Trump claims without evidence that there is massive voters fraud every election, which somehow he was able to prevail against anyway. He was aided by a disinformation campaign organized by Russia, and it looks likely that there was collusion between his campaign and those very Russians.

    Supposedly the vote counting was accurate in 2016, but Russia convinced enough gullible Americans to vote for Trump. Now enough people are pissed enough that Russia may not be able to convince enough people in bullshit. Polling suggests that Republicans should lose 2+ to 1, but isn’t that what polls said about
    2016? Why should we believe that now?

    Republicans still have the benefit of the gerrymandering they did after winning big in census year 2010, meaning that even if they only have a slim minority, they can still manage to control state governments and the House unless Democrats win historically big, in which case maybe they lose the House, but it won’t be in proportion to their unpopularity, and they still own over half of the state governments.

    Trump won’t be impeached without a Democrat landslide that takes back both houses of Congress, which is possible. BUT Democrats may well prefer to keep the incompetent Trump contained by the Congressional check on his power, rather than pursue removal, despite what justice demands, simply as a matter of practicality. In all, Trump doesn’t seem to be concerned about getting nothing done, as long as he’s still the center of attention. So why should he be concerned about voters?


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