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  1. Sarah Reinbolt
    November 23, 2014 @ 8:42 pm

    Tragedy on all levels. My son has a similar BB gun (they’re now called ‘air soft guns.’ When you and I were kids, they were BB guns). I live in a suburb. These ‘toys’ don’t belong in the suburbs. You need a big space (think farm, field, or someone who has acres of land) to play with these ‘toys.’

    My son plays with his air-soft at his grandparents’ and dad’s – both places have acreage. He does NOT play with his gun in his (my) neighborhood.

    On one hand, I totally get why Tamir and his network want to play with air-soft… so does EVery kid his age. On the other hand…. the Cudell Rec area nor any area in CLE to play with these ‘toys’ is not appropriate. They need a safe spot, and Cudell ain’t it.

    I offer an analogy, weak as it may be: I’m a girl who likes to wear heels. If I go to an outdoor(grass) event, wearing heels is not going to work. Ergo, I do NOT wear heels.


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