Innocent Until Proven Guilty

It’s amazing the things you find when you poke around the law library on a cold, rainy Saturday in November.

I was looking for case law and other authority on the issue of “innocent until proven guilty” and found this part of the US Constitution that hardly anybody knows about!

No person shall state an Opinion about the Character or S’posed Actions of Another, but there be full Presentation of said Evidence before a Jury of said Another’s peers; nor shall one Think bad Thoughts of Another lacking Proof beyond a reasonable doubt in a Court of competent jurifdiction; nor shall any Victim make claims of same beyond applicable Statute of Limitations.

Damn. Now I have to take back everything I said about Bill Cosby. And that ex-girlfriend. And I guess I can’t call Voinovich a crook anymore since he was never charged with anything. Damn. Sorry everyone.

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